Developing Homeland Security Solutions Through Collaboration

HSWERX is a hub where DHS finds innovative solutions to national security challenges. If you work within DHS and are seeking to enhance your operational capabilities, HSWERX is your ally. Join us to discover tailored solutions meeting the unique needs of national security professionals.

Benefits of Working With HSWERX

Working with HSWERX is unique as we operate as a business on behalf of DHS. Check out some of the benefits below:
Refine and Inform Requirements
Fail Fast / Cost and Risk Avoidance
Flexibility through additional contracting mechanisms
Quick wins for DHS
Lowers the barrier of entry wins for DHS

Get Involved


Join the Ecosystem

By joining the ecosystem, you will receive updates on DHS challenges, providing a dynamic opportunity for collaborative engagement with other DHS partners. This effort keeps you informed and opens avenues for collective problem-solving and innovation within the broader network of DHS collaborators.


Participate in Current Opportunities

Participating in HSWERX events ensures beneficial conversations with innovators, offering valuable insights that will help refine and inform your requirements. Engaging with these innovators provides a unique opportunity to gain diverse perspectives and stay informed of the latest advancements, providing the best solutions for end users.


Request Submitted Technologies

Inform us about your specific area of technological interest; chances are, numerous organizations have submitted technologies in that domain for you to explore.


Submit a Challenge

Do you have a problem you're trying to solve? Submit your challenge to HSWERX. Our processes are designed to tackle DHS-specific problems through collaboration and ideation. Submit a Project Submission form and let's talk about how HSWERX can provide support for your specific needs.


Answers to your most commonly asked questions

How can DHS engage with HSWERX?

Join our network, participate in our events, and embark on a collaborative journey towards innovative solutions for homeland security challenges.

How can DHS submit a challenge to HSWERX? Looking for a solution?

Reach out to to learn more about how HSWERX can support your next effort.

What kind of government-centric solutions is HSWERX looking for?

Our team supports a broad spectrum of homeland security challenges and helps DHS discover the best solutions, not just the known solution.

What is a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA)?

A PIA gives a non-profit the authority to do business on behalf of a government customer. You can read the congressional authority of a PIA here.

New to Government Collaborations?

Whether it's your first time or a continuing journey, collaborating with HSWERX is straightforward. Register with us, join our network, and start contributing to a safer homeland.

Determined to bridge this gap, HSWERX was formed as a non-profit 501c3 entity. Our purpose was clear, to be the catalyst that accelerates innovative solutions' discovery, engagement, and implementation. We wanted to bring together the government and various solution providers, from established industries to small mom-and-pop shops, ensuring that the best ideas reached the top.

We opened previously closed doors by hosting collaborative events and facilitating direct dialogues. We transformed how the government interacted with potential solution providers, creating an ecosystem where ideas could be shared, refined, and implemented without the usual delays.

Moreover, our unique non-FAR-based approach allowed us to cut through the government red tape. This meant that innovative solutions could be swiftly transitioned from conception to realization, ensuring that our homeland was always equipped with the latest and best tools for its defense.

Today, HSWERX is a testament to what can be achieved when passion, vision, and purpose converge. Our journey reminds us that innovation can and will thrive in adversity, ensuring a safer and brighter future for all.

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