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Shaping the Future of Homeland Security with Cutting-Edge Innovation

HSWERX, a DEFENSEWERX Hub, is a non-profit organization, in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which enables the rapid discovery, engagement, and acceleration of innovative solutions to secure the homeland. HSWERX serves as a catalyst to connect DHS stakeholders with subject matter experts from industry, academia, and national labs to solve challenging problems for DHS end users. Join us in this crucial mission to enhance our nation's security.

In a rapidly evolving world, the threats and challenges to homeland security grow more complex by the day. Traditional avenues of seeking solutions struggle to keep pace with the demands of a new age. The need for a dynamic, agile, and innovative platform has become evident.
At HSWERX, we bridge the divide between bright minds and government needs. We aim to foster innovation and promote clear solutions for a robust and secure homeland. Our dedication extends beyond immediate concerns, ensuring a proactive approach to address evolving security challenges and paving the way for a safer tomorrow.
Envisioning a future where innovation and homeland security merge seamlessly. HSWERX serves as a guide to swift and impactful solutions. We aspire to be the epicenter where challenges meet solutions, propelling us toward a safer, more innovative nation.

Upcoming Opportunities with HSWERX

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Security Solutions

"We're not just another organization. We're a movement dedicated to revolutionizing homeland security through rapid innovation and collaboration."

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Events & Collaboration

Harness the power of collective intelligence. Our collaboration events serve as a platform for industry experts, government officials, and academic leaders to share knowledge, brainstorm, and formulate solutions for today's pressing security concerns.

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Assessment Events

Real solutions require accurate evaluations. HSWERX’s assessment events provide a crucial setting for vetting and analyzing innovative solutions, ensuring they align with our homeland security departments' operational needs and standards.

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Promoting DHS Prize Challenges

Discover and champion innovation with the Department of Homeland Security Prize Challenges. We actively promote these challenges, spotlighting opportunities for innovators to present groundbreaking solutions that can reshape the homeland security landscape.

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Education for Government

Knowledge is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. HSWERX is committed to providing government personnel with the latest information and training on emerging technologies, innovation practices, and industry trends. Our educational initiatives empower government stakeholders to make informed decisions that elevate our nation's security.

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B2B Agreements

Strengthening partnerships and accelerating solutions. HSWERX facilitates direct business-to-business agreements, seamlessly transitioning innovative solutions from the private sector to government agencies. We focus on swift, transparent, and beneficial deals that empower both parties and, most importantly, serve our nation's security needs.

Shape the Future of Homeland Security

Tell us how you can support DHS end users in cyberspace, in the air, on land, and at sea.